Dear Friends! A group of companies BetterHoliday You on our corporate page!

As you know, a success starts with a reliable business partner. You are actually lucky that you have got on our webb-site.

We will offer you what you will never from all another companies, namely unique objects by reasonable prices, which is only for us, high-quality legal maintenance of the transaction from the Deposit payment before receiving the Escritura, post-sales service, which includes monitoring of your property in Your absence, paying bills for electricity and water, Internet connection and, at Your request, renting to third parties . Our cleaning Department will prepare for you or your guests arrival to your apartment carefully.

Five reasons to cooperate with BetterHoliday.

  1. We are a small company and therefore work accurately, efficiently, at the most affordable prices, directly with the sellers of Your future property.
  2. Individual approach to each client- is the philosophy of BetterHoliday. We consider any wishes of our friends in the future.
  3. Powerful post-sales support. Once contacting us, you gain faithfull friends in Spain.
  4. Even if something is not in our database according to our “secret” channels we will always will find for you the best offer, whether it is an economical Studio or luxury Villa with private pool and fruit garden. Because we are working exclusively with the best facilities of Torrevieja. In fact with the best.
  5. Finally, we work with clients throughout the long chain from the moment of contacting the company before payment of the last account in Registro, and then Your chosen property becomes Your property. Our lawyers control every step of the process of transition of property rights.
You can always count on our support!
Welcome and let's get acquinted! :-)))
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